What we do

The Hurst approach is multi-disciplinary, creative and collaborative. It comes with a proven track record of success across all market sectors.

We are builders first, but we look beyond the walls. We specialise in custom refurbishments, fit outs and new constructions that are linked to customer experience, customer journey, organisational culture and the new technologies that are changing the traditional B2B and B2C businesses and customer relationships.

Create. Construct. Change

Working with Hurst

Hurst has worked with many of Australia’s top companies. We know from experience that trust and confidence are vital in a working relationship. Through close collaboration we help businesses develop sustainable strategies built upon integration that can make them more profitable and more formidable in the market place.


The most important policy protocol we have because it ensures a safe and happy working environment for our staff, our clients, our subcontractors and the public.


Reputations take a long time to build and Hurst takes pride in being honest and transparent at all times and having the strong moral principles to forge lasting relationships with our clients and subcontractors.


Hurst has always been a leader in promoting and utilising the best environmental practices in every facet of our work. We are certified to ISO9001:2015.


Imagination and creativity are part of the Hurst DNA. Our goal is to constantly strive to add value to our client relationships by initiating new ideas and concepts that empower our relationships.


The Hurst mindset and culture is firmly based on delivering to and exceeding client expectations. Our growth and strong client relationships has evolved because the Hurst mindset is always diligent, agile and fully accountable at all times.

The Project

The Hurst Project Matrix is our proven process for creating strategically sound, total touch-point experiences and the infrastructure behind them.

The outcome of the Hurst Project Matrix is used by Hurst in construction and development to our mutually agreed timelines and budgets. We factor in the need to modify or enhance the project to ensure sustainability on a continuous basis.

The real benefit of the Hurst Project Matrix is it creates opportunities for innovation through early collaboration that enhances the value and power of the projects it is used on.

Our Services and capabilities

We create, construct, refurbish and re-develop across the commercial office and retail sectors, hospitality and restaurants, retirement and childcare establishments, and automotive and service stations. But we deliver much more. World-class customer experiences that enhance shareholder value, and a business ready to dominate today’s fast moving market. Hurst is geared up to build and transform the new market leaders.

Create. Construct. Change


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